Frequently Asked Questions

What is VulkanSoft ?

We are a software company dedicated to producing high quality and affordable software solutions.

What is digital signage software ?

Digital signage software allows the creation of multimedia signs, advertisements and information on any computer screen.

Do I need to buy any hardware from you ?

No. We only supply the software. You can choose your own hardware.

What are screen objects and layouts ?

Screen objects are items such as photos, videos, graphs, text etc that can be added and arranged on the screen to create a screen layout.

Can graphs be displayed ?

Yes. Data from a Microsoft® Access database or a Microsoft® SQL Server can be plotted to show 2D or 3D graphs. Various displays such as line ,bar, pie and bubble charts can be selected.

I just want a simple slide show to show all my photos in a particular folder. Is that possible ?

Yes. It is very simple to do this. There is a wizard to help with the initial setup.

How many screen objects can be shown on the screen ?

As many as your PC can handle. There is no limit.

Is it possible to show different screens on certain days ?

Yes. The built in scheduler option allows for screen layouts to be scheduled for :

  • Day of the week (Monday to Sunday)
  • Date (a specific date eg 01/01/2000)
  • Time (a specific time eg : 16:00)
  • Alternate (switching between selected screen layouts)

After the trial ends, can I still use the software ?

Yes, all the basic features will still work such as photos, media player, web browser etc. However some of the more advanced features will no longer be available to use.

Is there a monthly charge ?

No. There is just a single payment for a lifetime license.

The software is not what I expected, can I have my money back ?

If you are not 100% happy with the software then please contact us within 30 days for a full refund.